Placentas as medicine! Numerous historical occurrences of Placentophapy (consumption of the placenta postpartum) have been recorded throughout the world, and since the 1970's the growing practice has become more popular in the United States. The placenta transports nutrients to the fetus during gestation, as well as producing and regulating hormones. Proponents believe that the placenta retains some of these substances after delivery, and that the consumption of the placenta by the mother can help her recover more quickly following childbirth by replenishing nutrients and hormones lost. Newly postpartum women can ingest their placentas, which benefits may include:

  • vitamin B6 and B12
  • iron
  • progesteron
  • estrogen
  • oxytocin
  • cortisone
  • prolactin (promotes lactation)

Torrey performs placenta encapsulation as a way to further support new mothers. The process includes dehydrating the placenta overnight, grinding it into a powder, and putting it in capsules. Torrey is certified with an OSHA compliant blood born pathogens training. 

Once the services have been requested, she will come and collect the placenta from the hospital, birthing center or your home. She works out of her home, and returns the placenta as soon as its ready (24-48 hours). Depending on size and weight of the placenta, you will receive 80-120 pills. Placenta tinctures can also be requested, as well as keepsake prints and umbilical cords. 


  • $250 for placenta encapsulation
  • $50 for a placenta tincture
  • Keepsake Placenta art print- free of charge (available upon request)
  • $200 option- If a family member can drop off placenta and pick up processed placenta capsules. 

for more information, please feel free to email




Prenatal yoga helps women build strength, improve flexibility,  and create community during pregnancy.  We practice in a safe space for women to explore movement and breathing techniques that can help prepare her body and mind for childbirth. Torrey studied with Jane Austin, and enjoys teaching prenatal classes weekly in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. Her strong knowledge of anatomy and her passion for supporting women creates a space for women to connect with their babies, and with themselves. 


Mom and Baby Yoga

Postnatal Yoga presents women with an opportunity to reconnect with herself and her body after the transformative experience of giving birth. The Postnatal yoga practice can cultivate strength for new moms both physically and emotionally. We practice with a focus on opening the shoulders, releasing tight backs, opening the hips, toning the pelvic floor and increasing core strength, and moms are invited to bring their babies! We do baby yoga and infant massage in every class, which can increase bonding and attachment for mom and baby. We foster community and create support so that women can thrive in their new roles as mothers.